A New Step Toward Autonomous Technology Starts With Sunstate

As a forward-looking leader in the rental industry, Sunstate Equipment is excited to announce that we are embarking on a new collaboration with Built Robotics, a leading developer of autonomous equipment. Through this revolutionary relationship, Sunstate will be at the forefront of installing and conducting real-world testing of autonomous technology on construction equipment for the rental market.

“For us, it starts with the customer,” said Chris Watts, CEO and president of Sunstate Equipment. “If there’s a new technology that makes our customers more productive, then it’s up to us to get it into our fleet. We believe Built’s autonomous upgrade kits have the potential to do just that, and we’re excited to partner with them to roll out this technology to our customers.”

Built’s innovative autonomous technology is compatible with standard manufacturer equipment—skid steers, excavators, bulldozers, and compact track loaders—from all major brands. With the installation of their proprietary autonomous upgrade kit and software, operators can then upload computerized job spec files that will enable the equipment to complete designated tasks within a predefined geo-perimeter without an in-cab operator.

Over the coming year, Sunstate will strategically select equipment from our fleet to equip and test with a limited number of customers before eventually making autonomous equipment options available to our customer partners throughout major markets in our national network.

Primary applications will initially be used for earthmoving, road construction, and grading projects, and are expected to have a far-reaching impact on the construction industry. “Robotic equipment is a big change, but ultimately it will make construction safer, faster and more productive, and we believe that’s a win for everyone,” said Built Robotics CEO Noah Ready-Campbell.

Built uses a combination of a geo-fenced work zone, sensors, cameras, and LiDAR to detect and avoid obstacles, vehicles, and pedestrians. Hardwired and wireless emergency stop buttons that can be used to shut down the equipment at any time. Sunstate and Built will co-develop a comprehensive training plan to ensure client operators are able to safely use autonomous equipment technology. 

At Sunstate, our commitment has always been to providing superior customer-based solutions that enable our construction trade partners to do more. By staying at the leading edge of new technology, we continue our pursuit of being the best, most reliable equipment provider in the industry.

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