Core Values: Integrity

Let’s talk about integrity. It’s a concept that sounds great but is a word thrown around so regularly that it’s nearly lost its meaning. For many, it may seem like an empty promise, devoid of substance. But at Sunstate, it’s so real that it is part of our fabric—and has been since our founder, Mike Watts, opened the doors at our fist location, a single branch in Phoenix, forty years ago.

As one of our seven Core Values, at Sunstate “Integrity” means:

“Never commit to anything without follow through (it starts at the top).”

It’s a premise that seems simple enough but is critical for building long-lasting relationships with our customers, vendors and employees. At Sunstate, integrity means you can count on getting exactly what we’ve promised—no surprises, no tricks, no cutting corners. And, we deliver it consistently during each and every interaction from the equipment counter and delivery drivers to accounting and safety training.

For us, integrity goes even deeper than this. It means being open and honest in all our dealings with customers so they know they can trust us. First and foremost, they know we are being fair with them in every transaction. We offer competitive prices, the most reliable service we can provide, and the most dependable, well-maintained equipment for getting the job done.

At the end of the day, it’s honesty and dependability that matter most. With a core value of “Integrity,” Sunstate is able to build long-lasting customer relationships that are based on trust. And, receiving that trust is an honor and responsibility we don’t take lightly. We work hard to earn it, and we work hard to keep it. It’s what makes us the rental people you can depend on.

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