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Core Values: People

How has Sunstate been able to earn and keep our top-notch reputation for over four decades? Simple. We believe in treating our people right. In turn, we trust them to treat you—our customers—right.

In fact, “People” is the first of our seven core values:

“Our people come first. Focus on their needs and they will take care of quality, service, and customer needs.”

When our founder, Mike Watts, decided to quit his job and take a gamble on starting his own company back in 1977, setting a standard of treating people with fairness and respect was at the heart of his vision. In fact, this was the underlying reason that prompted him to endeavor on such a risky venture during a time when everyone was saying the rental industry was on its last legs.

This premise of “our people come first” has been the mainstay of Sunstate culture ever since. And, it’s more than words and rhetoric. From their first day on the job, every employee joining the Sunstate family is treated as a valued member of the organization and is encouraged to embrace this culture, along with all seven of our core values.

The core value of “People” continues to hold just as true today as it did on day one. Sunstate has since grown from a single yard to 61 branches in nine states, and the premise of treating people right has never faltered. It permeates throughout Sunstate in every branch, in all our training, in the benefits and programs we provide to our employees, in our low turnover rate, and it applies equally to all employees, regardless of what position they are in.

Our people are the reason Sunstate continues to provide the very best quality and service. They come to work each day impassioned about what they do, believing in a company that believes in them, and ready to pass along the spirit of Sunstate to you in every task and every detail.

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