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Trench Safety Division

Since 1977, Sunstate Equipment has provided industry-leading customer service and top-quality construction and tool rentals to jobsites of all sizes. We are pleased to now offer trench shoring and safety equipment rentals as part of our overall commitment to providing safe jobsite management solutions from a rental partner you can trust.

With Sunstate, safety, integrity and building long-lasting relationships are more than a priority, they are at the core of how we do business at every step from our convenient reservations and on-time scheduling to 24/7 emergency support and our team of trench safety experts who are ready to help you work below ground or in confined spaces safely and efficiently. Experience a better way to rent trench equipment — experience The Sunstate Way by calling our Trench Division today at 346-335-9001.

CONTACT US TODAY 346-335-9001

10526 Tanner Rd, Houston, TX 77041

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Trench & Confined Space Space Safety Equipment Rentals

  • Trench Shields
  • Manhole Boxes
  • Trench Bridges, Walkways
  • Steel Road Plates
  • Modular Shielding Systems
  • Slide Rail Systems
  • Vertical Hydraulic Shores
  • Bedding Boxes
  • Confined Space Safety Equipment
  • Ingress/Egress
  • Pipe Pullers, Lasers
  • KD 6 Sheeting
  • Trench Accessories & More!
  • Crane Truck Delivery and Pickup
  • Preassembled or Onsite Assembly

Competent Person & Confined Space Awareness Training

In addition to renting trench safety equipment and accessories, Sunstate also offers OSHA-compliant Competent Person and Confined Space Awareness training to help educate users on proper installation, daily inspection steps, and ongoing safety protocols to work safely in a variety of conditions. Contact us to set up onsite training for your crews today.

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