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Safety Week 2022

Construction Safety Week 2022

May 2-6 is a week dedicated to the safety of construction workers nationwide! This is a week to refresh on the latest safety measures, and it serves as a reminder to stay connected, stay supported, and stay safe.

The thing is, at Sunstate we devote every day of the year to safety measures, practices, and protocols, because our top priority is our people – and that includes making sure our team members arrive home safely to their families every night. We believe in developing a culture of safety so that every employee is empowered to take ownership of the safety of themselves and their teams, and to carry that safety-first mindset out into the communities and customers we serve.

But this week isn’t about how we help protect the safety of our team, it’s about how we help protect the safety of your team and your jobsite.


Part of maintaining integrity with our safety standards is ensuring our equipment works flawlessly when it arrives on your jobsite. Every single unit undergoes a thorough inspection between each and every rental. This means that only dialed-in, top performing equipment leaves our yards. Rest assured that you’re not just renting a machine, you’re renting the standards we place on ourselves, our values, and our promise to bring you the top rental experience in the industry.


In the spirit of Construction Safety Week, we’ve put together a few practical quick safety reminders. 

Confined Space Safety
  1. Test, test, test! Always make sure to have run your hydrogen, oxygen, and explosive gas tests prior to entering the space.
  2. Proper ventilation is extremely important! Always keep your fans safe and grounded, while testing the atmosphere as much as possible.
  3. Practice PPE preparedness. Be certain to have a lifeline, gas-monitoring device, harness, etc. strapped on your person.
Heavy Equipment Safety
  1. Never jump on or off equipment! Use the 3-point rule: always having three limbs in contact with the ladder access.
  2. Always keep a clear line of communication, and always use a spotter!
  3. Wear your seatbelt. This tip might sound like your mom – it also might save your life.
  1. Forklift and aerial equipment require specialized training. Never operate any equipment you are not familiar with or have not been trained and authorized to use.
  2. Always wear a body harness/lanyard when operating a boom life. Operate scissor lifts from inside the platform.
  3. Always check clearance before maneuvering equipment around fixed objects.


Bustling jobsites are rife with inherent dangers. Sunstate helps ensure your teams know how to safely operate equipment while staying in compliance with the most up-to-date OSHA standards and practices.


Our aerial work platform program offers an in-depth, hands-on approach to learning the absolute safest measures when operating Mobile Elevated Work Platforms. Learn everything there is to know about the following:

  • Push-around lift (manually propelled)
  • Scissor lift (self-propelled)
  • Boom lift (boom-supported)

The best time to learn these safety measures was yesterday. The second-best time is now! Sign up here.


In this thorough course, Sunstate teaches all necessary safety practices when operating forklifts that fall under these categories:

  • Warehouse forklift (Class IV and V)
  • Vertical mast and telescopic reach rough terrain forklift (Class VII)

Keep your team safe when moving materials either indoors or out by booking a training class today.


As Sunstate’s Trench Safety Division has grown (and grown and grown), we have made it a top priority to offer high-quality, comprehensive, OSHA-compliant safety training to help keep our customers working safely below ground or in confined spaces.

Give us a call to learn more today! (866) 823-3319

MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS: An Important Part of Construction Safety

Did you know May is also Mental Health Awareness Month? Safety isn’t always about our surroundings. It can be an internal thing, too. According to industry research, 1 in 5 construction workers struggle with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. This can be a burden no one sees, and one that may seem difficult to treat. Do not hesitate to find support if you need it. Please see this link for more information:

Mental Health Resources

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