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Safety Training

Sunstate Operator Safety Training

At Sunstate, we place the utmost value on the well-being and safety of all employees… ours AND yours. No job is so important that we should not take the time to perform the work safely!

In fact, safety is so important that the OSHA Regulations state that each employer must ensure that every employee receives forklift and aerial work platform training.

Sunstate offers this training as a service to our loyal customers. Whether it’s at one of our facilities or at the customer's jobsite or office, our safety training courses cover the safe and proper use of equipment in accordance with OSHA Regulations and ANSI Standards.

By participating in Sunstate’s Safety Training courses, forklift and aerial work platform rental customers can help ensure the safety of their employees.

Training Courses

Forklift Safety Training

  • Warehouse forklift (Class IV and V)

  • Vertical mast and telescopic reach rough terrain forklift (Class VII)

Aerial Work Platform Safety Training

  • Push-around lift (manually propelled)

  • Scissor lift (self-propelled)

  • Boom lift (boom-supported)

Course Contents

Our Operator Safety Training courses consist of:


Each course covers the safe and proper use of forklifts or aerial work platforms in accordance with OSHA Regulations and ANSI Standards. A general overview of what you can expect is:

  • View a safety training video which will cover operators’ daily responsibilities, machine stability, safe operation, recognition and avoidance of hazards, and additional safety practices.

  • Each participant will receive a handbook that contains reference material from the video and is theirs to use as a safety guide.

  • Each participant will be required to pass a written theory test to ensure proper retention of the subject matter.


Under the direction of a Sunstate qualified instructor:

  • Each participant must demonstrate how to properly perform a workplace inspection, a pre-start inspection and a function test.

  • Each participant will operate the equipment for a sufficient period of time in order to demonstrate proficiency.

  • Each participant must pass a practical hands-on test to ensure safe and proper machine operation.


Upon successful completion of both the theory and practical tests, the participant will immediately receive their temporary certificate of completion. A permanent wallet card will also be sent to their employer.

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