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Navigator™ by Sunstate is your rental fleet management powerhouse, helping you make informed decisions and take on-the-fly actions that keep site productivity up and costs down.

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Finding the perfect top-brand construction and industrial rental equipment and tools for your project is easy with the help of our rental experts.

Sunstate is growing

Sunstate’s presence in the Gulf region has expanded with the addition of our new Industrial Solutions branch in Freeport, Texas.

Our petrochemical partners throughout the region will now be better served as we add the Freeport location to our existing branches in Beaumont and Corpus Christi, expanding our reach with Sunstate Industrial Solutions.

Sunstate Industrial Solutions branches provide tailored solutions to meet the complex requirements of industrial sector projects, including petrochemical, oil & gas, manufacturing, utilities, and more. With decades of expertise and guaranteed 24/7 availability, our teams are equipped to meet the high-pressure demands of these jobsites with efficiency, safety, and the high standards of service excellence Sunstate is known for.

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Easy reservations and quick, on-time delivery! Sunstate makes is simple to get construction equipment and tool rentals to your jobsites.

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Sunstate Equipment is looking for passionate,
creative and dedicated equipment rental professionals to be part of our team.

Storm Damage? Sunstate is there!

When nature is at its worst, we are at our best. Sunstate is the rental partner you can depend on—day or night—when Mother Nature strikes. Don’t let storms catch you off guard. Call us today to reserve your emergency response equipment.