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Customer Protection Plan

CPP Is Protection Made Simple

When the unexpected happens, despite your best efforts to properly use and secure equipment, Sunstate is the rental partner you can depend on to help manage and reduce your financial risk for a low fee — only 15 percent of your rental rate — and a flat $500 deductible. With our Customer Protection Plan (CPP), you get increased protection with reduced exposure for the duration of your rental period. If equipment you rent from us incurs accidental physical damage or theft, CPP limits your out-of-pocket expense, providing you with straightforward peace of mind on every rental.

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See How CPP Saves Our Customers Money

Reach Fork - Accidental Rollover

Estimated Damage



$60 (1)

CPP Deductible


Total Customer Responsibility*


Customer Savings


Mini Excavator – Stolen From Jobsite

Fair Market Value


CPP Fee (1)

$45 (2)

CPP Deductible


Total Customer Responsibility*


Customer Savings


(1) Based on a sample rental rate of $400. (2) Based on a sample rate of $300. Actual rates will vary. *Standard rental rates and state and local taxes still apply.




For your convenience, CPP is automatically included in your rental agreement. If you would like to waive CPP, you will be asked to provide evidence of insurance for rented equipment in the amount sufficient to cover the value of each piece of equipment with the per item limit specified, and naming Sunstate Equipment as loss payee.

CPP is not insurance. CPP does not cover General and Auto Liability losses. It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain Commercial General Liability insurance covering all operations and contractual obligations. CPP does not cover Auto Liability Losses. Customer is responsible for all losses pertaining to licensed, registered (over-the-road) vehicles such as water trucks, pick-up trucks, and dump trucks. Additionally, CPP does not cover tires, equipment damages due to misuse, loss due to failure to properly secure and protect equipment, failure to file a police report within 48 hours, and failure to safely operate the equipment.

Please review your entire rental agreement and Sunstate’s complete rental Terms & Conditions.


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